I was told if I have my carpet steamed cleaned it will mold?

We always get asked if the carpet gets too wet will it mold? Most carpet cleaners should know their machine and know their dry times. Always ask your carpet cleaner what the dry times are. You can get carpet too wet and it is not recommended. If it seems too wet after you have it cleaned. Ask the carpet cleaner if they can leave a fan on it after they clean. Usually, you can open the windows and turn on ceiling fans to remove the moisture in the air and this will speed up carpet dry times. The air conditioner or heater will not help much. Fans and air flow are recommended. If your carpet is still wet after 12 hours. Contact the cleaner immediately. We prefer 6-8 hour dry times. The faster the better.

In some situations the carpet will start smelling if it does not dry fast enough. Do not panic. Once the carpet drys completely it will not smell.

Carpet that is wet cleaned should be dry within 12 hours. Carpet that is properly extraction-cleaned should not be wet long enough to mold.