About Us

Family Owned And Operated Since 2006

Make Cleaning Easy wants to “Change the way you feel about cleaning.”

At Make Cleaning Easy our customers come first.

Our focus is offering an honest, hassle free, quality-cleaning experience. 

We offer a variety of cleaning services both residential and commercial.

We also offer innovative cleaning products and non-toxic cleaning solutions.

We strive to do and be the best for all of our customers!

Make Cleaning Easy is also a Make Easy Company

Make Easy LLC is an up and coming support and investment group.  Conceived in 2011, Our goal is to grow successful businesses in a wide range of industries (Micro) and at the same time help others become successful business owners.

Make Easy LLC believes in making a difference.  We stand for; value for money, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge.  We strive to achieve this by empowering our employees and business owners to continually deliver an unbeatable customer experience.

Make Easy LLC frequently creates partnerships with others and excels in combining skills, knowledge, and operational expertise from a range of industries to build exciting and successful companies.

Part of Speech: verb
Definition: assist the progress of
Synonyms: aid, ease, expedite, forward, further, grease the wheels, hand-carry, help, make easy , open doors, promote, run interference for, simplify, smooth, speed, speed up, walk through