Declutter Your Life with 41 of the Best Home Organization Tips

by January 17 @ 2:15 pm

Organization can feel somewhat seasonal. We’re thinking about it in January at the start of the new year and again when we tackle spring cleaning. But the reality is, getting organized (and staying that way) is a year-round job.

This month, make it a point to update your organizational systems before the chaos of the holiday descends upon us. Here are some clever tips for organizing any space and a roundup of our favorite organization articles.

How to organize any space from a junk drawer to your linen closet

1. Empty it out. Take everything out of the space and only put it back in if it belongs there and serves a purpose. This forces you to go through every last little paperclip and pillowcase.

2. Sort items. Make four piles. Items to toss, items to donate, items that belong elsewhere, and items that are going back in.

3. Group like items. Take all of the items you’re keeping and group like items together.

4. Separate grouped items. Separation is the key to organization. Use drawer organizers or recycle found objects like ice cube trays or shoeboxes. In a closet you can use fabric bins or shelf dividers.

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How to Get Organized

How to Get Organized | thegoodstuff

Organizing may be an art, but these helpful tips will get you well on your way to becoming a master. Try each one out and find which approach works best for you. Some people love checklists, others love sticky notes. As long as it keeps you on top of your game, whichever method you choose is perfect!

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Where to Get Your Home Organization Essentials

Declutter Your Life with 41 of the Best Home Organization Tips | thegoodstuff

Source: The Container Store

Find Everything You Need to Organize Your Home at The Container Store

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Special Organization Projects

Declutter Your Life with 41 of the Best Home Organization Tips: DIY Purse Organizer | thegoodstuff

Pictured: How to Make an Easy DIY Purse Organizer

Sometimes it’s not our home that needs a bit of decluttering, but the things inside it. Check out these special organization projects for ways to cut the clutter — even when it comes to those pesky Christmas tree lights and your overloaded purse!

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How to Organize Your Closet

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Closets are typically a home’s biggest organizational challenge. They’re the house’s catchall, the area where we stuff the things we don’t want to look at. But simply open that closet door and you’re faced with your secret chaos. Here’s how to tackle that chaos and transform it into organized bliss.

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Kitchen Organization Tips

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Kitchens are loaded with stuff. A lot of it we don’t need. Make it your mission to get rid of stale spices and appliances you just don’t use.

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Bathroom Organization Tips

How to Organize Your Bathroom | thegoodstuff

The bathroom can be another trouble spot. It’s a small space that still needs to house everything from beauty and hair supplies to cleaners, towels, and toothpaste. Show your bathroom some love by incorporating these organizing tips.

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Bedroom, Family Room & Office Organization Tips

How to Organize Your Bedroom | thegoodstuff

With closets and kitchens often becoming the main focus of our organization efforts, it’s easy to get burnt out and forget about other rooms in the house. But keeping your bedroom and family room organized can contribute to the relaxing, zen-like experience you should feel there, and organizing your office can increase your productivity. Here are some easy tips for tackling the trouble spots in these rooms.

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Garage & Entryway Organizing Tips

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Your garage and entryway are often drop zones for anything from keys and mail to jackets and boots. This means these areas can quickly become cluttered, and since they’re typically your main point of entry into your home it’s important to keep them tidy. Check out these articles for tips and tricks on corralling everything from coats to lawn equipment.

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Bonus! Coupon Organization Tips

How to Organize Coupons | thegoodstuff

Source: October Afternoon

Keeping your coupons organized means you’re more apt to use them. When you think about all the areas of your life that need organizing, don’t neglect the savings!

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The Best Ways to Organize Your Coupons