Why choose Make Cleaning Easy LLC for Commercial Cleaning?

There are many things that make us a different from other cleaning companies.

Below are just a few of the things that set us apart from our competition.

We care about our customers like family and friends and treat their office or facility the same.

We only bill or charge for work completed. (Monthly Billing)

We do not have contracts. (However, out of respect for our employees we would like a 30day cancelation notice.)

We use the best equipment, microfiber, and non-toxic cleaning solutions.

You can talk to the owner of Make Cleaning Easy LLC at any time.

We use qualified and trained employees. If we are using a sub-contractor we will let you know.

We approach all aspects of cleaning and maintenance from a scientific, common sense approach.

Our goal is to improve your environment. Not destroy it!

We use cleaning products and methods that will not destroy your environment.

We love to communicate with our customers.

We believe good communication results in a cleaner building.


Make Cleaning Easy LLC agrees to provide all labor, supervision, material, and equipment necessary to assure performance of specified cleaning service for the customer.

This shall include all services described in the written specifications attached.


Month to Month Billing.

We only bill for previous month or work completed.

On agreed amount.

Special Services

These services require additional billing.

Carpet Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Floor Work

Window Cleaning

Blind Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Any special services above and beyond general cleaning are considered extras.

Service Schedule

Cleaning services offered will be performed M-F.

The cleaning crew will observe holidays observed by customer.


We bill all our customers thru a secured system on the first of the month for previous months work any extra work done during this time will be added to invoice.

We can mail or email invoice.


We have employee managers and owner supervision at all times.

Supplies and Equipment

The customer will supply all consumable products inclusive of but not limited to: toilet tissue, towels, trash liners and hand soap.

Make Cleaning Easy LLC will furnish all cleaning supplies inclusive of but not limited to: non-toxic cleaning solutions, equipment and materials to service your facility correctly.


Enclosed is a copy of our insurance policy. We take this serious and always maintain the best insurance.


We maintain the highest levels of security before, during and after cleaning a building.

Employee Status

Personnel supplied by Make Cleaning Easy LLC will be deemed employees of Make Cleaning Easy LLC and not for any purpose be considered employees or agents of the customer.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Make Cleaning Easy LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Our office as required by law will maintain all necessary employment forms.

Our Philosophy

Family Owned And Operated Since 2006

Make Cleaning Easy wants to “Change the way you feel about cleaning.”

At Make Cleaning Easy our customers come first.

Our focus is offering an honest, hassle free, quality-cleaning experience.

We offer a variety of cleaning services both residential and commercial.

We also offer innovative cleaning products and non-toxic cleaning solutions.

We strive to do and be the best for all our customers!


Month to Month


Our billing is month to month.

We would like a 30-Day cancellation notice.  However, it is not required.

(Written or by email)

Start Up Process

We have an easy start process.

Once we agree on the billing amount and cleaning details.

We will set up your account and schedule your cleaning start day.

We will meet for final details.

We start cleaning!

That’s it!

Class A Commercial Office Building Cleaning

Commercial office buildings are the highest quality buildings in their market. They are generally the best looking buildings with the best construction, possess high quality building infrastructure, well-located, have good access, and are professionally managed. Class A commercial office building cleaning is focused on the highest quality cleaning. Cleaning a class A office building is focused on maintaining the features and areas as new as possible. When cleaning a Class A commercial office building you can expect our highest quality trained cleaners to show up professionally groomed and attired.

Class B Commercial Office Building Cleaning

Class B commercial buildings are generally a little older than class A commercial office buildings, but still have the amenities that you would expect from premium office space. Cleaning a class B office building is focused on maintenance of aging infrastructure as well as bringing areas that have fallen behind to their previous state. We can work with investors on well-located Class B buildings to bring their cleanliness back to Class A office building standards through renovation such as cleaning exterior facade surfaces, cleaning awnings as well as common area improvements such as deep cleaning carpets and floors through out the commercial office building. Class B buildings are not be functionally obsolete and should be well maintained by a commercial office facilities services and building maintenance company.

Class C Commercial Office Building Cleaning

The lowest classification of office building and space is Class C commercial office space. Class C commercial office buildings are often older than 20 years and can be in need of extensive renovation. Which is why it is key to choose the right commercial office building maintenance or facility services company which can preserve the quality of the building long enough to avoid costly infrastructure repairs. Class C buildings have the lowest rental rates, take the longest time to lease, this is why keeping exterior appearances up with a quality commercial office cleaning company is critical.