What Is The Best Way To Clean My House Windows Like A Pro?

How and what do you use to clean windows?

This is one of the most asked questions we get from our customers.

Before you start you will need.

  • A small window squeegee.
  • A regular spray bottle filled with water.
  • A window scrubber or green scrubber pad.
  • A shop brush or broom head off of your broom.
  • Micro-fiber rags and or micro-fiber towels.

We like to start on the outside windows first. You can remove all your screens and set them to the side of the window in the same direction you removed them. We remove the screens as we go, but either way is fine. It does not matter which direction or where you start. On the first window brush off window and exterior track with shop broom or brush. You can also use a leaf blower and blow off all the windows before you start. Now you can spray the window with water from spray bottle. Then take your window scrubber and or green scrubber pad and scrub window. Spray again to get wet. Wipe the left edge and top edge of window then squeegee the window from top to bottom. Go from left to right and wipe squeegee off after each time. We clean from left to right and left window before right window. Check and wipe remaining edges. Always try to use dry microfiber or do not wipe windows with wet rag. Once the window is squeegeed check for marks and repeat the process if needed. Now take your shop brush and or broom head and brush the screen off. You may need to do both sides a couple times. Its not recommended to spray your screens off with the hose. Now you can put screen back and repeat this process on all the exterior windows. It is also recommended for first time window cleaners not to clean windows when hot or in the sun. The water will dry on window and it is hard to get clean.

Once all the exterior windows and screens are finished you can go to the inside of the house to do the interior windows. You will need your micro-fiber rags and the spray bottle with water. The first thing you will want to do is pull up the blinds or move the curtains. This is also a good time to dust your blinds or clean your curtains if needed. All you have to do on the inside windows is lightly spray the window and wipe clean with the microfiber rag. Do not over wet the window and replace your micro-fiber if they get to wet. You can also wipe the window ledge after you clean the window. Also be sure to check the outside window and if you missed anything you can touch up when you are done with the interior windows. The interior windows go very fast and usually are not as bad as the exterior windows.

There are many techniques and different methods professional window cleaners use. However, with just a squeegee, water and microfiber rags you can achieve sparkling clean windows. Remember, keep it simple and do not over complicate. You can decide how many times a year you will need to clean them depending on your weather and environment around your house.