Super 4-in-1 Carpet Cleaner Is The Best For Carpet Cleaning

Make Cleaning Easy has been using this product for several years and we can actually say this product works great and does every thing it says it can do and more. Not only does it work, but it smells great and leaves the carpet feeling soft and smelling fresh. It is also made with biodegradable organics and concentrated. A little bit of solution goes a long way. It also has a great price and is very affordable. This product will work great for any type of carpet cleaning situation. This product is formulated to work as a Carpet Spotter, Carpet Pre-Conditioner, Carpet Bonnet Scrub and Carpet Extraction.  Eliminates the need for multiple products.  This one product does it all.

Biodegradable Organics

Available in 32 oz, 128 oz, 55-gallon Drums    

Key Benefits
Carpet Spotting
Carpet Extraction
Spin Bonnet
Biodegradeable Organics


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