Spring Has Sprung and It’s Time to Get to Work


Spring cleaning isn’t the only task you have to tackle as the sun sheds light on more of the day. If you want to keep your home in its best shape, you’ll also want to perform a few simple home maintenance chores. But don’t fret, as the vast majority of to-do list items aren’t time intensive and won’t ruin your warm welcome of summer. Here are a few things to do before April 1.

Maintain Your HVAC

Your system made it through winter, but summer is another story altogether. Contact your HVAC installer to ask about a tune-up for your unit. If you’d rather skip this step, at the very least you should remove fallen leaves and debris from the external fan and clean around the unit. It’s also a good idea to make a filter replacement schedule and keep filters on hand to change out each season. A filter subscription service can ensure that you have what you need on hand, and you won’t be limited to the few sizes available at the hardware store.

Head Up Top

Now that your HVAC is ready, it’s time to check your roof. Ice throughout the cold season often leaves cracks that can let moisture into your home. Don’t let seemingly little issues go, as even something as simple as a single missing shingle can indicate serious issues with the roof. If you find that there is significant damage, especially if the wood under the shingles is showing signs of warping or rotting, it may be time to replace the roof. Angie’s List notes that this can cost anywhere from $4,900 up to $14,100. It’s not an expense you want to take on yearly. Inspecting your roof annually is the best way to make sure your home remains protected.

Safety Checks

The kids will be spending more time outdoors, and now is the perfect time to inspect their play equipment and the backyard fence. RealEstate.com notes that things like rusty bolts and damaged wood are safety hazards. Your fence may also be showing signs of wear and tear. Take a quick walk around the perimeter to ensure there are no weak spots that may potentially allow unwelcome animals in your children’s play area. It’s a good idea to get your tools together before you head out, so make sure to grab a hammer, nails, and safety goggles along with any specialty tools you think you will need it. If you suspect any fence damage, make sure to have a tape measure and post hole diggers handy.

Spruce Up the Landscape

While you certainly want to make sure that your home looks its best from the road, cleaning up your landscape is vital to your family’s safety. Walk through your yard and look for issues that need to be fixed. On the ground, this might be mole holes or poisonous plants. Take care of these and then turn your eyes to the trees. According to TreeRemoval.com, pruning your trees not only improves appearance but removing dead limbs will lessen the chances of an unexpected crash from overhead. If you have a tree that does not show signs of life by mid to late March, call a professional arborist for removal.

In addition to these larger issues, smaller tasks you’ll want to complete before the flowers begin to bloom include cleaning out the gutters, washing all the windows, and repairing any damage around the windows and doors.

By spending some time on home maintenance now, you may be able to prevent serious damage to your home later in the year. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your family is safe and can sit back, relax, and enjoy the much-needed sunshine of the season.

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