Prevent Damage By Using Preventive Cleaning

Preventive cleaning is cleaning that is performed on a scheduled routine and or to prevent damage before it occurs. We get a lot of calls to perform cleaning on many different types of stuff. Most people do not consider the damage that may have been done by not using preventive cleaning. A good example of this would be your carpet. In most cases people do not think carpet cleaning is that important. The average cost of carpet cleaning is $150 and the average replacement cost of carpet is $4,500 or more. Usually, most people wait until they see spills, stains and the traffic lanes or trails that develop throughout the house. If you can see trails or traffic lanes in your carpet. More than likely your carpet is damaged. Your carpet will be clean, but the traffic lanes will probably come back or not clean up after damage has happened. This is also the case with many other things in your home or office that probably need regular cleaning maintenance. Other examples would be hard floors, tile and grout, blinds, upholstery and much more. If you have a re placement plan than you probably do not have to worry so much. If you do not, we recommend scheduling regular or routine maintenance. Preventive cleaning will save you thousands of dollars and keep things looking good.



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